VTI - Exam Regulations

Internal / External exam

-[Full time , part time & external Students] All external examination ,annual registration membership,, exam registration, module exam fees and MES local fees for students at and through VTI ltd shall include VTI ltd administration chargers, ,cost, commission and accessories, continuous assessment and processing fee and could be changed as a notice only .

- The Management of the VTI will not be responsible if student… (I) Did not complete in full their course/s or fail their exam (II) Did not appear for the examination/s

- student are responsible to complete and submit all assigned work/exercise/portfolios / workbook etc in time as prescribed notice.

- -Attendance[Full time & part time]

-Class attendance and be in time are mandatory

Participation in class is required. Irregular attendance not only hurts a student's course work, but it weakens the class as a whole and is not permitted. Since this course has frequent in-class mcq and regular explanation and discussion,, missing one of those days will also affect your grade in the exam. Attendance is recorded every day, and students with excessive absences will be officially dropped from the course in accordance with College rules.

Arriving late interferes with other students' learning and is not acceptable. Subway delays and other problems are unavoidable on occasion, but it is each student's responsibility to plan carefully to arrive on time and well prepared. Late students may be counted absent or locked out, and they often miss. mcq and regular explanation and discussion. Repeated latecomers will be penalized.

Attendance at class at the beginning of the class session significantly affects the class. For this reason, attendance will be taken at 9.45 at the first period for full time and for part time -in office and there after after each period/session.

- Student obtaining less than 80 percent attendance will not be accepted onto examination either locally or internationally or both except on management recommendation and discretion

- Passing a module/unit for the internal exam [full time only].

i. In order to pass a module/unit and be awarded the transcript/credits, the following conditions must be met:

a) A student must attempt all assessment elements in each term;

b) A minimum mark of 40% in skills and 50% in technology must be attained in the assessment component with the highest weighting;

c) An overall total minimum weighted mean of 45% must be attained.

ii. A student who fails a module/unit will be given the opportunity to re-submit/re-sit any /refer failed elements at the next available opportunity. Any re-submitted/re-sat elements will be

Capped at 50%.

iii. The final mark obtained for the module on resit will be the higher of the original mark or

45 % in skills and 55% in technology

iv. Re-sits will normally take place at the end of the following term along with that term's


Condonation [full time ]

The Examination Supervisor may, at its discretion, condone a fail and award marks/ credits in up to two modules where: The student obtains a mark of 35 - 39%[for skills[ and 45 - 49%[for technology] and in the course concerned

Progression within the programme/course [full time only].

In order to progress to the next year/level of the Programme the following

Condition must be met: All two semester tests must be passed

Refer in Assignment/practical [full time & part time]

-Refer in practical unit/s will be given to (a) student/s who has/have failed to pay his/her institute fees in time or/ [b) student/s for incomplete work/assignment/p-Folio / OR[c] to those absent and/ has/have failed TO produce medical evidence . Or [d] not equipped with Overall / Overcoat and Writing Instruments. Or [e]did notsubmit port folio/project in prescribed time

and a VTI ltd local refer fee of Rs 100/= per student per sitting per assessment will be charged

Only two refer will be allowed for eachpractical exam/test

Exam Materials : [full time & part time]

-Culinary Ingredients

Internal/external Exam candidates are required to bring all of their own ingredients which will be provided prior to examination. Students shall request said from office/trainer/coordinator if not received two days before exam.

However, a test site may choose to provide common staples and optional items to the candidates. The Test Site Administrator shall provide the candidates with a list of common staple and optional items available prior to examination.

Electrical and electronics accessories etc and other materials as may be required to complete the assignment to be provided by the candidate

Each VTI workshop will be equipped with required basic tools and equipment ,benches and electrical supplies .Candidates appearing for electrical and electronics NC3 [list of accessories will be communicated by MITD in due course] / 2850 Practical examination must provide their own electrical and electronic accessories as per the practical unit examination requirement-contact trainer for exam list in advance.

-All Exam materials for project/assignment brought/bought by each student and submitted for the External examination Practical Assignments shall be the property of the student concerned .Please note that candidates are responsible for their own electrical and electronic accessories and for ensuring that any electrical devices and other accessories they take to the exam centre comply with health and safety requirements applicable in the country where the exam is taking place. VTI ltd will not accept any liability in the event of any candidate's property being lost, stolen, or damaged either while in transit to and from the exam centre or at any time during the exam itself.

- Arrangement have to be made to collect said immediately after result.

-VTI nor its management or both shall not be liable for any damage / lost, a week after result.

-The Assignments materials shall remain and be the property of VTI ,a month after

-All materials on project/assignment submitted for the External examination Practical Assignments shall be the property of the student concerned .

- Arrangement have to be made to collect said immediately after result.

-VTI nor its management or both shall not be liable for any damage / lost, a week after result.

-The Assignments materials shall remain and be the property of VTI ,a month after.

Collection of time table/result [full time & part time]

- Time-Table for examination/result will be delivered to only students who have paid all school due and Management of the VTI will not be responsible if student do not collect the time-table /result in time.

Note/Advanced Warning-external examination and award : [full time & part time]

Courses are recognized by the MQA only if all units/modules as per award level/s are successfully completed. [1] Unit/s/module/s award and / OR [2] Theory route award/s is/are not recognized by the MQA.

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