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We have an extensive database of frequently asked questions and recommend that you look there in the first instance. If you cannot find an answer please submit your question through the office and we'll answer you as soon as possible.

About Vti and its courses

Tell me about Vti

VOCATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE (VTI) – Founded since 1975, the VTI is recognized both nationally by Mauritius Qualification Authority (MQA) and Internationally by City and Guilds (C&G-UK), Institute of Commercial Management (ICM_UK), , Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality[CTH] UK ;ABE-UK Association of Business Executives ;aaT The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is the world's leading professional body for Accounting Technicians, with over 150,000 members recognised worldwide; ATHE is a global awarding organization regulated by Ofqual and other UK and international regulators working with more than 200 recognised centres in over 35 countries to complement our strong brand presence in the UK etc

What is Vti hrs of business

Office Mondays to Saturdays -8.30 -3.30 pm - Except On Fridays -8.30-13.30

Public- Mondays- Saturdays 9.00-2.00 PM- Except On Fridays -8.30-13.30

Class Hrs Full Time-Mondays to Fridays 8.45-2.30 PM- Except On Fridays -8.30-13.30

Part Time Saturdays- 9.00 to 17.00 hrs

Remedial- Mondays to Thursdays 2,30-3-30 PM

Is VTI Safe

VTI LTD owes a duty of care to its students and staff and, as far as is reasonably practical, seeks to ensure that the Institute is a safe place to work and study. Students are required to comply with reasonable instructions from any member of staff and to observe the safety regulations of the Institute

The Institute is committed to providing a positive experience for all students, where individuals are treated with courtesy and consideration and where difference is valued and diversity respected All students and staff have the right to live, study, work and relax in an environment where and are free from any form of sexual violence, physical violence, abuse and harassment and where their body and personal boundaries are respected. No student or staff member should be forced to just 'put up' with violent behaviour from others, threats of such behaviour or any forms of abuse or harassment. Action are taken where necessary to ensure all students and staff are able to enjoy the Institute life without experiencing these.

Benefits and Facilities at Vti

Full time students are benefitted from Public liability insurance, free transport by the NTA-Condition applies; Free remedial classes,/ health screening Computer Facilities, Library Photocopies, Industrial Visits, Job placement as and when requested by Companies, internship, Possibility for continuation of Higher Studies abroad, ', Free Wi-Fi Connection, mock exam ,Pastoral care Job fair; etc

Is the Staff qualified

All staff at vti are registered with the authority and has to mandatorily consist of among other-Manager ;Director of studies; Trainers-instructors

It is important to note that the Manager and Director of studies at vti is a Bachelor of Law, Engineering, Master and Phd in vocational and technical education holder and has occupied during the past

Consultant and president of two African universities ;Memberr of ITAC (Industry Training Advisory Committee Mauritius; Member du board of govenors-University of Technology; Board Member of the Mauritius Institute of Education; Disciplinary Board Member of the Private Secondary School Authority ; Head of Education of the Mauritius Quality Institute (MQI); Chairman of the Mauritius Qualification Authority[MQA]

Where as the trainers are Diploma- Phd holders with proven industrial experiences

When is the intake

a) FULL-TIME: Twice per year (2nd week of January & 2nd week of June ]-

b) [b] PART-TIME: Twice per year (2nd week of January and 2nd week of June)

Which course can I take/enroll

A] External awarded courses- 1] electrical & electronics 2] Motor vehicle 3] Hospitality[4] law [5] Accounting

4] culinary practice 5] Law 6] Accounting

B] MQA/HRDC approved non awarded short courses See brochure

Process of enrollment

This process us is on a first come basis-Courses are published and application invited; an application form is filled; conditional confirmation after verification of eligibility document and registration of Rs 100/ to be paid.; After satisfying the conditional conditions, confirmation for course is offered with induction, class time table etc to start course.

What is the eligibility /admission criteria

Full Time- Grade 7-9 or equivalent onto Year Year 3 or 4

Grade 9 plus or equivalent into year 5

Part Time -Grate 9 plus or equivalent and 16 yrs or more- any level 2 course

Duration of course

All awarded courses are from 1 to 2 yrs depending on the level and eligibility and

whereas the non awarded courses varies from 5 to 72 hrs

Can I have the course content/syllabus

Yes student should have the course syllabus on web site or from trainer for follow up..

Semester dates Calendar Year:

twelve month period-[1] January December [2] June-May.

VTI LTD defines an Academic Year as a period running from

[1] 7 January to 15 December [2] 6 June to 30 May .

This is the period of time used by the Institute to frame its activities, with policies and regulations normally written by academic year. For students, the definition of an Academic Year will vary, depending on their course of study. See also Calendar Year

Will I have course materials

Yes all courses are delivered with course materials freely and some at very low discount rate.request from your course trainer

Mode of course and timing of classes

A ] FULL-TIME: Classes are held five (5) days weekly from 08:30 to 14:30 except on holidays- Remedial/detention classes (14:30 to 15:30)

[b] PART-TIME: Classes are held on Saturdays from 08:30 to 5.00 pm[tutorials] and / with option three evenings per week from 3.30 to 5.30 pm [projects etc ]

Do vti accept private candidate registration

Yes. A private candidate, also known as an external candidate, in the external examination system is a person who enters an examination after satisfying all the exigencies of the examination through the VTI LTD but is not enrolled as either full time /part time student at the institute.VTI LTD accepts requests for entry to examinations from former pupils of the school /other eligible candidates who will be registered as private candidates. Charges for , will be made as appropriate [private vti fees; registration /'exam fees etc] and may include an administration fee-see exam fees. Acceptance entries from current members of staff for upgrade qualifications at the Centre is also recommended and should only be accepted if the individual is unable to find an alternative venue

Is the course theory or practical

All courses are theory and/ practical based as per unit

Possibility of course continuation

All awarded courses are pitched on frame work for continuation from IVQ level 1- 8. See frame work

Is the course recognized.

All awarded courses are nationally and internationally recognized.

Classes during emergencies

No classes are held during catastrophic conditions .If the closure is extended for more than a day,vti undertake to provide the lesson online through zoom.request for more info


Vti has an in campus canteen where students could have their simple necessity and where as next tro it a public snack is installed

Sport /extra curriculum activities

a course calendar is issued yearly listing the different extra curriculum activities throughout the year. Also the vti is listed on the register of the local council for further outdoor activities.

Student/trainer ratio

Except in extreme cases, Vti practice a ration 1 to 20 for theory classes and a 1 to 5 for practical classes.

What's the difference between VTI and MITD ?

Vti is a private ,recognized and fee paying school .All its awards are externally offered and recognized nationally and internationally .The awards are pitched and comparable to other international awards-SC/GCE/HND /Under graduate etc.There is a mobility agreement recognizing the different awards for employment

Where as MITD is a semi govt – free institution which offers only national awards recognized -NC

Language of course

All courses at vti is English based examination and thus materials are in English and explanation in a mixture of creole and English


Graduation ceremony further boost up the spirit of the students after hard work.Vti hold 2 graduation yearly-March and September each year. Employers of different reputable companies are also invited to participate and recruit potential candidates for job facilities.

Online facilities

Vti has installed an online service and students are grouped per dep/courset, receive online notes and explanation when needed. Students are requested to join the different groups through zoom plate form of their respective trade.

Student permission/absence

An SMS is sent notifying the absence if each and every student. . Only confirm permission is Authorized

Can I start the course in Mauritius and continue overseas

Yes, you can start an awarded course in Mauritius at vti and continue as per the frame work in more than 120 countries.

Course /award comparison

All awarded courses are pitched on the national and international framework and are equivalent/comparable to other awards

Example IVQ 2 is comparable to a GCE O level award among other

IVQ 3 is comparable to A level awards and so on

International Recognition and employment mobility with qualifications at vti

Qualifications accredited or recognized by other signatories are recognised by each signatory as being substantially equivalent to accredited or recognised qualifications within its own jurisdiction Refer to Sydney and Dublin accord for the signatory countries -see vti brochure

Each awarding body has a list of higher institutions available for level continuation

What are some of the countries recognizing the external awards from vti

Apart from the Local authorities-MQA,MITD, PSC, LOCAL govt, private sectors ,the following countries recognizes the external awards for mobility-United Kingdom, Australia, Canada. Ireland, Hong Kong, United states, New Zealand, South Africa ,Malaysia, Korea among others

School holidays

Full time Students are allowed only up to a 5 leaves per semester except during the 2nd semester-December -students are offered up to 2 weeks leave.

and for part time students-no leave is permitted and where as classes during public holidays are maintained Note-If parent wishing to take long leave ,with student, permission and completion/top up of programme is mandatory

Can I work while studying?

Yes, you can work and study on part time/shift system ie work full time and study on Saturdays-part time or

work on shift and study on shift also-any day Mondays to Saturdays from 9.00-4.00 pm

Can I take more than one course at a time

Yes provided it is not clashed with your existing time table-Possibility of one full time l and one part time or vice versa- or shift

Roaster time table of work is not fixed still wanted to follow

VTI has a shift system course application-you could enroll for part time and be available any [2] week days-as from 13.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs and or Saturdays 9.00 to 4.00 pm

School fees

What is the school fees

School fees are paid either monthly, semester or in full as per plan chosen.

Is there any refund if I stop the course

Yes Vti practice a refund policy rule and student are refunded accordingly .condition applies..

Could I change the mode of payment during the course.

Yes you can change your payment plan-

From Full / semester to monthly-–the monthly fees plan will be applied with initial fees

What happen if I lost employment and cannot pay the fees

The Institute recognises that there are times when students/ sponsor will encounter difficulties during their course of study and provisions are made as outlined in the section .Consult office for the facilities.

Is there any scholarship plan

Yes, Vti offers discount, partial or full yearly scholarship to

1] needy students [2] top student [condition applies]

Any loan facility to pay the course

Loan are easily received through bank for course payment with conditions

Examination /Assessment

Is there any exam fees to be paid

Yes entries for external examination should pay registration and unit fess –see exam fees policy

Exam Payment date

[a] latest by 15th of February for June exam series:

[b] latest 15th of July for December exam series :

Who are accepted onto the examination

VTI Accepts entries for examination from Full Time ,Part time, External/Private candidate but satisfying the examination exigencies.

Exam supervision

External exam are supervised by MES or appropriately with conditions

Is there any material required for the exam and its collection

For examination purposes only and as exhibits, have to be stored until result, students especially deom scheme 2850 and hospitality dept have to be equipped with the accessories to complete their project..list are obtainable month in advance from respective trainers

-All materials on project/assignment submitted for the External examination. Practical Assignments shall be the property of the student concerned.

- Arrangements have to be made to collect said immediately after result.

VTI nor its management or both shall not be liable for any damage / lost, a week after result.

-The Assignments materials shall remain and be the property of VTI, a month after.

Is Unit award recognition

- Courses are recognized by the MQA only if all units/modules as per award level/s are successfully completed. [1] Unit/s/module/s award and / OR [2] Theory route award/s is/are not recognized by the MQA.

What is the mode of examination

[a] -Dated entry examination

[b] Evolve Examination

[c]Practical Assessment

All external practical exam[request list of exercises from office] comprises of

[a] THESIS /Portfolio /project /report and [b] Practical assessments

All practical assessment are on a continuous process varying from 2 to 6 hrs duration per assessment per candidate per day

Do a level higher without doing a lower one

It is not advisable but Yes, but they are highly selective and require a heavy course load across a total years of study

What is Minimum Threshold -

Each external examination body set its minimum threshold limit/policy-as per below If the minimum number of student/ fees as per minimum threshold is not met, the student/s name /fees will be transferred to the next cohort/session and will be notified. If student is not satisfied and may request for exam registration/ fees refund only and exam registration/exam fees refund policy apply. Student will be eligible for a VTI LTD course completion testimonial if decided to cease- due to exam minimum threshold restriction


Result are declared by the external examing bodies through the MES/Centre a month of appropriately and students are infirmed.


Student not successful in a unit can apply for resit as per resit regulation for the next schedules examination.

Revision for Re sit

Unsuccessful candidate/s receive a further up to 6 month free revision to complete the unit and has to re enter for the unit in time.

Can I appeal to for the grade obtained

Yes if you are not satisfied with the result, you can appeal using the appeal policy route

Can I complain against

Each and every student could make a complaint-see complaint policy

I have experience but no certificate-Can I receive/claim one.

VTI Practice and offer equal chances to those having practical experience ,an equitable route as per below under Claim of attendance vti award by Exemptions policy

If a learner's achievement was certificated outside the vti ltd for example from achievement in a programme at a recognized institution or attain and covered the aspects of the exercises by experience/s , then exemption may be applied and certificate awarded


What is internship

It is a mode of learning a trade whereby you acquire the additional practical skills on-the-job at an employer's workplace and theoretical and practice knowledge in VTI LTD .

Can I have internship

be at least 16/17/18 years old (depending on the sector)

enroll and Follow a full time course at vti ltd (depending in the sector)

complete the training ship program and course would be compulsory for all practical unit and would be examinable in examination .

Additionally you can:

liaise with the VTI LTD which may facilitate your placement.

contact enterprises on your own and inform the vti ltd .

Can I have a job after course

Can I take job overseas

Holder of IVQ awards benefit from the job motilities as per the agreement signed. Consult the mobility and countries on the list –see brochure.

Can I be assisted to find a job after course

Yes, Vti students are automatically listed on the vti employment register and are distributed as and when requested by companies any time of the year.

Students are informed accordingly


Course attendance

Course attendance is compulsory -Student obtaining less than 80 percent attendance will not be accepted onto examination either locally or internationally or both except on management recommendation and discretion

Can visitors allowed to VTI

The VTI VTI Governing Body assures all visitors a warm, friendly and professional welcome to Vocational Training Institute-vti, whatever the purpose of their visit.

The School has a legal duty of care for the health, safety, security and wellbeing of all students and staff. This duty of care incorporates the duty to „safeguard‟ all students from subjection to any form of harm, abuse or nuisance. It is the responsibility of the VTI Governing Body and senior staff to ensure that this duty is uncompromised at all times.

Student & Trainers relationship

The relationship between students and staff are central to the student experience and this policy is intended to ensure that these relationships are professional, have boundaries, and are founded on mutual trust and confidence.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to providing an environment where all students, staff, visitors, contractors and stakeholders are welcomed and treated with respect. No one should experience less favourable treatment or discrimination because of their age; disability; gender identity or reassignment; marital or civil partnership status; being pregnant or recently becoming a parent; race; religion or beliefs, sex or sexual orientation.

Alcoholic Beverages, cigarettes and Illegal Drugs

The aim is to curb the drug etc scourge and keep it at bay so that the future generations live in a better environment. It operates on a partnership basis in extending cooperation and working closely with all concerned by this phenomenon.

It depends a lot on contributions and support from the public at large. In a people to people approach, we can be successful in achieving the RESULT

At VTI ltd we seek to foster the intellectual, artistic, and social development of our diverse student body and to create and maintain a community in which principles of fairness, civility, and diversity are upheld.

We recognize that some members of the community will choose to use alcohol, thus these guidelines serve as a way to help ensure that when alcohol is consumed it is done so responsibly, with respect to others in the community and in adherence to school policies and rules as well as state and local law. Additionally, the school seeks to promote a drug-free campus that respects the community at large. We expect members of the school community to adhere to vti policies and rules, as well as state, and local law concerning drugs

Equal Opportunity and fair access

We aim to ensure that equality of opportunity is promoted in all areas of our products and services and that unlawful or unfair discrimination, whether direct or indirect, is eliminated.

Consent of taking images

During Visit/ventures/class activities , and not limited to these, pictures ,video etc are likely to be taken and to be used for vti ltd presentation, display or in the booklet, newsletter or publicity and for educational purposes.

Student Protection Plan

The Student Protection Plan has been drawn up to set out what action the Institute would take if it became necessary to close a course or to stop teaching on a particular site for reasons beyond its control. This Plan covers all provision offered directly by VTI LTD and that sub-contracted to academic partners. It does not cover provision validated by the Institute


The Institute has appropriate public liability insurance covering all public including students to and through the institute . It also provide insurance for all the activities as part of the course. However, students should ensure that he/she insure himself/herself against any minor/major accident during the event of the activities /course and their personal belongings which are brought into the Institute at their own risk. They may also be required to take out other types of insurance, for example, health insurance while on placement/ course.

How to report bullying and harassment on social media

At the Institute we take bullying and harassment of another individual ery seriously. If you're being harassed or bullied on social media, there are a number of options available to you. You can discuss the issue with supervisor or take independent advice from the office about your options. If you consider that you are being bullied or harassed by a member of staff or another student, see also the advice in the Institute 's dealing with unacceptable behavior guideline

Use of social media

Social media is a powerful and important part of modern life.

Social media can:

Ø Let you express and share your ideas and creativity

Ø Connect with people and build a network of contacts

Ø Present yourself to future employers and enhance your career opportunities.

But it can also:

Ø Cause harm to others and yourself

Ø Damage your reputation with future colleagues or employers

Ø Put you at risk of legal or disciplinary action

The Golden Rule

The golden rule of social media is to assume that anything you put on social media will not stay private, will not stay anonymous, and will stay on the internet forever. So always think before you post and express yourself with care. In particular:

Ø Don't harass, bully, or defame individuals or groups.

Ø Don't reveal confidential or personal information about yourself or other people

Ø Don't post links to content that is discriminatory or illegal.

Ø Don't breach copyright or intellectual property.

Ø Don't post evidence of you breaking the law.


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