What is Vocational School and its education ?

Vocational education also called Career and Technical education prepares bearers for a career that is based in manual & practical activities related to specific trade. More than 80% of today's job don't require an academic certificate but technical cert & training, Vocational Training Institute Ltd ( VTI ) is one type Vocational School, caring for your future.

Is VTI approved and its courses accredited ?

VTI founded since 1975, is fully accredited by previously the IVTB and now by the MQA ( Mauritius Qualifications Authority : The statutory body for technical education in Mauritius ) and all its courses are approved and accredited by National Bodies ( ex. : MQA, MES, etc... ) and internationally by ICM-UK, C&G of London, Engineering council, etc...

Are the courses theoretical or practical ?

All the courses offered at VTI are both delivered in theory and practice.

Which body supervise the exam ?

The MES is solely responsible for all the courses leading to the International Awards & are supervised by their officers.

Are the awards internationally recoginized ?

Yes, all the international courses offered at VTI are recognized by different Universities & Institutions of higher studies.

Can I start the course at VTI and continue outside of Mauritius ?

Yes, the courses are on different levels and could be continued anywhere in the world as these courses are offered in over 120 countries in the world.

What is the level of comparability of the courses ?

The courses at VTI are comparable to different other qualifications in Mauritius & Overseas. Example : - C&G Technician Cerfificate is equivalent to School Certificate | C&G Technician Diploma is equivalent to Brevet Technician ( see Route of Continuation and comparability ).

Can I use the Certificate for immigration purposes ?

C&G qualifications for example are recognized in all the provinces of Canada, Australia, USA, N.Zealand among others and are highly respected.

What is the award to receive after course ?

After the course, the student will receive award as per course enrolled for with multiple options.

What is multi-skill system ?

Answer : VTI is the only institute practicing 'pay one get more than one course / award' for the full-time students. example : Enrolling for the Mechanical Engineering C&G 2565 Technician Certificate will also be prepared for : 3905 - Motor Vehicle Engineering (C&G), 1155 - Engineering Skills : Certificate Level (C&G), Automotive Trade Principles (VTI), Auto Electricity & Electronics (VTI), Simultaneously. ( See multi-award scheme at VTI )

Will students benefit from Bus Pass - Free transport ?

All the full-time students enrolling for the prescribed courses are eligible for free Bus Pass / transport.

Will I have training during the course ?

The VTI during all the times, has offered on-the-job training to interested students at companies ( ex. : Harel Mallac, Leal and Co., Iframac, Proton, UBS, CTR, CNT, Beechand & Co. Ltd, C.M.T, Picnic parties, Quiz competition, Debate etc...

Does VTI has extra-curriculum activities ?

From its calendar activity, the VTI has interclass football tournament, industrial visits at Meteorological Services, M.B.C, Plaine Champagne Power Station, Ferney Power Station, Leal & Co. Ltd, Iframac, Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, CNT, Compagnie Thermique de Belle Vue Limitée, etc...

Will I have a job after the course ?

VTI programs of study are all career focused. We use to consider area's workforce and demand and work with loads of business partners to provide them with skilled trained manpower. Our job placement rate is 90% and VTI is dedicated to helping you in getting a job.

When can I enroll for a course ?

Answer : Full-time : once per year ( 2nd week of January ) Part-time : Twice yearly ( 2nd week of January and 2nd week of June)

What about the fees ?

The fees at VTI are the cheapest and can be paid in different modes ( Loan facilities are also availabke through bank and other financial institution.

What is the minimum requirement for enrolment onto a course ?

The candidate should have read up to CPE or equivalent for any vocational course. (See Eligibility for other courses).

Is there any Scholarship scheme at VTI ?

Since its foundation, different scholarships have been offered to needy students from BEC and other religious Societies, Ministry of Human Resources and individual societies. As from January 2009, all scholarships will be granted through the 'IS - VTI Scholarship Mode'.

VTI - Vocational Training Institute
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  • Tel : (+230) 696 6051
  • Fax : (+230) 696 2062
  • Email : vti@intnet.mu
Opening Hours
Monday ➜ Friday : From 9:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m Saturday : From 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m

For Registration, please bring along original Birth Certificate / I.D, Educational Certificates and a Registration Fee of Rs. 100.